Recipe – Blackened Mahi Tacos

This is a simple, easy and fresh recipe that will win you awards with your friends and family!

This taco was created last summer for a local magazine that was featuring our grills in a upcoming article.

I really enjoy tacos but here of late I especially enjoy fish tacos. They’re fresh, light and go great with any beer! In this recipe I used Mahi-Mahi, but in all reality, you could substitute it with any fish. Just make sure its fresh and your good to go.

Ive also included a recipe for a Spicy Avocado Lime Sauce! Do Not Skip this sauce! its AMAZING!

You can find more recipes like this by visiting my website at


Fresh MahiMahi Fish Tacos with a spicy avocado lime sauce grilled on the Twok Grill, a propane discada style plow disc cooker
Fresh MahiMahi Fish Tacos
Grilling the tortillas for the Mahi-Mahi tacos



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