Deconstructed Kabobs





I love to cook outside, but I love to share food with friends even more.

This creation started when a friend of mine asked if I would bring over my grill to show some of his friends during a cookout a few summers ago. I needed a dish that could show off its versatility and feed a lot of hungry party goers at the same time.

Deconstructed  Kabobs! Perfect. Its fun, delicious, and it takes just long enough to cook for people to gather and start asking questions.

All you need is a few proteins, some fruit and veggies and your set! You can play around with different combos, food genres and spices to make this dish fit the event or your style!

Get creative!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ana says:

    Speaking of sharing food with friends……


    1. thetexaswok says:

      lol, y’all are welcome over anytime!


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